Sunday, 20 September 2009

John McTimoney was my father. It was his wish that after his death his three children, would become ‘Guardians of the McTimoney Chiropractic Technique’ since he knew we knew him best and he felt he could rely on us to speak for him.

Sadly my brother Russell has passed away and my sister, Cynthia has suffered impaired health I feel it is down to me to put on record as much as I can about my late father’s life and work, in particular what influences formed his ideas and led him to become a pioneering chiropractor.

If you would like to help me build a accurate record I would be most grateful if you could contribute any memories of the man himself; Hilda, his wife; the Birmingham Jewellery School which they both attended; Mr Ashford, the chiropractor in Birmingham who cured my father of severe pain in his arms; Dr Mary Walker in Oxford who trained my father and Ruth Drown who helped her; Dr Joan Nind also trained by Mary Walker; Mr John Hall, the farmer in Swerford for whom my father worked as a labourer; Eric Stanley of Hook Norton – the butcher for whom my father delivered meat, those who attended the woodwork class in Banbury where John McTimoney taught in 1953; those who were treated by him or whose friends or relatives were; those who studied under him in the Oxfordshire School of Chiropractic; and so on.

I would welcome contributions from the world of horses (my father having found that the type of adjustment he used worked well on horses). Also those who have had their dogs treated.

I particularly liked one lady to whom I spoke who commented “yes, I did go to your father - DIDN’T HELP ME AT ALL!” This just shows that he could not negotiate or succeed with everyone and such reactions are as useful to me as praise.

Other peoples’ voices enrich my memories. So any memories, please. You may e-mail here, leave telephone messages or texts on 01865 863006, and or contact me at Wytham View, Oxford Road, Farmoor, Oxford OX2 9NN

You may, of course, comment on how you, your family and/or animals have been helped by the McTimoney Technique even, if you did not meet the man himself.

Thank you for reading this.