Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Origin of the McTimoney Technique

John McTimoney fell from the top of a ladder when, as a farm labourer, he had been thatching a hayrick, and subsequently began to suffer severe problems with his health, especially both of his arms.

He was cured by Mr Ashford, a chiropractor in Birmingham who had been trained by the originator of chiropractic, D D Palmer in Davenport, USA. My father was fired with the ambition of becoming a chiropractor himself, but Mr Ashford stuck to the rule which meant training could only be obtained in America. However my father had the great fortune to talk, and talk to Mr Ashford, a great link with the originator himself.

My father was later led to study under Dr Mary Walker in Oxford, who felt that training needed to be established in England. In approximately 1930 Dr Walker had sold up everything to go to America to train under the originator’s son, B J Palmer.

My father was to develop the treatment further so that it became a distinctive approach and a separate branch of Chiropractic. With some chiropractors using vigorous techniques in the 1970’s, we felt it necessary to give the method a name, simply to help patients to realise that chiropractors may work in different ways.

It is my intention to write about my late father and how he came to fulfil what seems to have been his destiny and purpose. Find out how YOU may be able to help!

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